A few months back our resort site publish a blog on Butati dham which is a temple near from Pushkar and thousands of pilgrims travel to that temple as many believe that the temple has the power to cure paralysis in 10 days. Now we also want to share a story of a temple which is close to Jodhpur and the name is Om Bana – A motorbike god.


efore I tell the story behind the temple where pilgrims pray in front of a 350cc Bullet Motorbike, I would like to tell the current importance of this shrine. As local says,

  • If you want a safe journey from Jodhpur-Pali highway than you have to get the blessing of Om Bana.
  • More than 100 locals & travellers visit the Om Bana temple and offer flowers and even alcohol.

So now you know that locals & travellers passing through the highway have strong trust in Om Banna but the question is why? It was the year 1991 when a Rajput boy name Om Singh Rathore was returning to his village Chotila (near to Pali) suddenly he met with an accident when his bike hit a tree. Om Singh Rathore died at the spot and later the local police took the bike under their custody.

One day the bike (350 CC Royal Enfield Bullet) vanish from the police station and was found at the same spot where his owner Om Singh Rathore died after meeting with an accident. After founding this bike at this spot the police in charge thought that this is a sick trick which someone planned. So he took the bike back to the station and even filtered out the fuel in it. But the Royal Enfield Bullet of Om Bana again vanish from the station and reached the accident spot again.

After this story happened agin & again the police understood that this was not a trick but the bike itself accelerated to the death spot of Om bana and when the police took the bike back to the station the unmanned Bullet drove the tree by itself. Soon this story spread like the jungle fire and the locals decided to prepare a stand for the Bike near the tree and later a shrine name Om Nana – A motorbike god.

Today almost every person who is passing the Jodhpur-Pali highway stops at the shrine of the Om Banna for a safer journey. Now many won’t believe in this story and still pass the Jodhpur-Pali highway without Om Banna blessing. But I believe in Om Banna. Why? Because the guy gave a reason to the people that if you believe in something with pure heart, you will succeed. A lot of truck drivers have stopped drinking while driving just because of Om Banna. Place of the accident has now many shops selling ingredients required for worshipping. So Om Banna has given an employment opportunity to the locals.

So whether the story of Om Bana is true or not but one thing is sure that Om Bana will be remember as the Motorbike god of Rajasthan and the locals will always appraise him as he and his bike has brought employment in their region.