Jaisalmer desert safari

Jaisalmer Desert Safari Package

Spend a whole night or an evening in the Thar Desert at Jaisalmer and enjoy

  • Camel Safari
  • Jeep Safari
  • Musical evening
  • Rajasthani Mujra

And pure Rajasthani food at a desert camp under the clear sky of Jaisalmer’s desert.

Just step away from city life for a day and understand the real desert life with us…

Our Jaisalmer Desert Safari Package starts from INR 500 to INR 2500, and all details are mentioned below.

Feel free to call me at +91 9772114191 [Mr Singh] to book a tour now.

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Tour Package 1: Camel Safari Package for an evening @ INR 1200

Camel Safari Jaisalmer

In this package, we offer a half day desert tour in Thar desert, Sam sand dunes in Jaisalmer.

This tour will start from your hotel, where our cab will pick you up at 4 pm, & will drop you back at the hotel by 11 pm or midnight.

You will enjoy activities like:

  • Desert Safari on a camel at Sam sand dunes.
  • Rajasthan dance & musical program at a desert camp
  • Complimentary dinner at the same camp.

The fare for this Camel desert safari tour:

  • Rs 1,200 per person all inclusive.

And you can view the complete tour itinerary by clicking the button below.

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Tour 2: Camel Safari Package for a night @ INR 2500

Camel Safari with night stay

In our 2nd Camel Safari tour, we offer all the above activities of Tour 1, along with night stay at a desert camp in Sam Jaisalmer.

Here, you can choose one of the multiple desert camp options, or call our manager  Mr Singh at 9772114191 to share more details on this tour.

Overview of this tour is:

  • Pick at 4 pm and drop next day at 9 am at your Jaisalmer hotel
  • Camel safari tour
  • Desert Camp musical & dance program & night stay
  • Complimentary dinner & breakfast at the camp

The fare for this tour is:

  • Rs 2,500 per person all inclusive

Click the below button & get step by step details of this tour itinerary.

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Tour 3: Jeep Safari in Jaisalmer, Sam @ INR 1,250

The Jeep Safari tour today is more popular than Camel Safari, and here you enjoy the drive on a 4×4 Jeep at the sand dunes of Sam Jaisalmer.

We don’t suggest Jeep safari to guests who are plus 80 years, else a kid of 5 years to a senior citizen can & must enjoy this unique experience at Sam Jaisalmer,

Overview of our Jaisalmer Jeep Safari tour is:

  • Pick up at 4 pm & drop at 11 pm at your Hotel in Jaisalmer on the same day.
  • Jeep safari tour at Sam sand dunes in a 4×4 Mahindra Jeep.
  • Musical program, complimentary dinner at a desert camp

The fare for Jeep Safari is:

  • Rs 1250 per person all inclusive

For more information kindly contact our manager at 9772114191.

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Tour 4: Desert Jeep Safari with night stay at desert camp @ INR 2,500

Jeep safari Jaisalmer with camp stay

In our 2nd Jeep Safari Jaisalmer tour, you will enjoy all the activities of our Tour 3, along with one night stay at a desert camp & morning breakfast.

This tour will start at 4 pm on day 1 and will finish at 9-10 am on day 2.

Overview of our 2nd Jaisalmer Jeep Safari tour is:

  • 4 pm pick up from the Jaisalmer hotel
  • Jeep safari tour at sand dunes
  • Musical & dance program at desert camp
  • Complimentary dinner at the campsite
  • Night stay in a Swiss tent at the camp
  • Morning breakfast at the camp
  • Drop at Jaisalmer hotel by 9-10 am.

Fare for our this Jeep safari tour is:

  • Rs 2,500 per person, all-inclusive.

Call our manager Mr Singh at +91 9772114191 for more details.

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Tour 5: Luxury Jaisalmer Desert Safari Package @ INR 7,500

Suryagarh Hotel Jaisalmer

In our Luxury Jaisalmer Desert Safari package, you can enjoy dune bashing with jeep or camel at Sam sand dunes, and later will enjoy a 3-hour program at Jaisalmer’s 5 Star Hotel

Duration of this tour is 7 hours, and below you will find the overview of this tour:

Overview of our Luxury Jaisalmer Safari Tour:

  • Pick up from Jaisalmer city at 4 pm
  • Dune bashing in jeep or camel safari tour from 5 to 7 pm
  • Belley dance & other programs at a 5 Star Hotel with buffet dinner.
  • Drop at your Jaisalmer city hotel by 11 pm or midnight.

The fare for Jeep Safari is:

  • Rs 7500 per person all inclusive

For more information kindly contact our manager at 9772114191.

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