Jaisalmer Desert Safari tours

Available with best camel safari, jeep safari & more activities

We are a 2009 started local Jaisalmer based tour & travel agency and offer our Jaisalmer desert safari tour packages at best price. With our desert safari packages, you can spend a whole night or an evening in Jaisalmer desert area & enjoy:

  • Camel Safari
  • Jeep Safari
  • Rajasthani Mujra with dinner

And with all the above activities, you can also plan a night stay at one of many desert camps in Sam sand dunes, Jaisalmer.

So, just step away from city life for a day & experience the real desert life of Jaisalmer with us… View all our packages below & feel free to call me at +91 9772282797 [Mrs Trishna Singh] to book a tour now.

View our Camel Safari tours

The below tours are our Camel safari; at Rs 299 per person.

camel ride at jaisalmer

1. Camel Safari @ Rs 299

Duration: 45-60 minutes
Fare: Rs 299 per person

This is our basic Jaisalmer camel safari tour, where you can hire a camel for 45-60 minutes ride at sand dunes at Sam.

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2. Camel Safari @ Rs 699

Duration: 6 hours
Fare: Rs 699 per person

In this tour, we offer camel ride at dunes, visit Sam sunpoint & enjoy musical dance evening with dinner at camp.

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desert camp at jaisalmer

3. Camel Safari @ Rs 999

Duration: 1 night
Fare: Rs 999 per person

In this tour, we offer camel safari, dinner & dance program at camp, night stay in camp & morning breakfast.

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luxury desert camp in jaisalmer

4. Camel Safari @ Rs 1499

Duration: 1 night
Fare: Rs 1499 per person

Book an all inclusive Jaisalmer desert safari package, with pick drop in taxi, camel safari, camp stay & more.

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To book any of our Jaisalmer camel safari tours, reach us at 9772282797 or chat with us on whatsapp by clicking here.

View our Jeep Safari tours

The below tours are our Jeep safari; starting at Rs 499 per person.

Jeep at Jaisalmer desert

4. Jeep Safari @ Rs 499

Duration: 40-60 minutes
Fare: Rs 499 per person

This is our basic Jeep safari tour where you will get a seat in our Jeep for 40-50 minutes for a jeep ride at sand dunes.

5. Jeep Safari @ Rs 999

Duration: 6 hours
Fare: Rs 499 per person

Enjoy Jeep ride at sand dunes along with musical dance program with buffet dinner at a desert camp, with this tour.

cheap desert camp in jaisalmer

4. Jeep Safari @ Rs 1199

Duration: 1 night
Fare: Rs 1199 per person

Plan a night stay in a desert camp at Sam Jaisalmer with jeep safari, musical dance program, buffet dinner & breakfast.

dangri desert safari camp jaisalmer

4. Jeep Safari @ Rs 1799

Duration: 1 night
Fare: Rs 1799 per person

This is an all inclusive package, where you’ll get taxi for pick & drop from city, camp night stay, jeep safari tour, dinner & breakfast.

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We are available at your service & you can contact us via call, mail or whatsapp for more details on our Jaisalmer Safari Packages.

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Feel free to contact me at +91 9772282797 (whatsapp available) and below we have shared more details that will assist you to properly plan a Jaisalmer desert safari tour.

1. Best time to enjoy desert safari in Jaisalmer?

More than 90% of travellers prefer sunset Jaisalmer safari tour, which is from between 5 to 7 pm. So as per us the best time for Jaisalmer camel or jeep safari tour is from 5 to 7 pm. The best scenario is to start the tour by 5 pm, reach the Sam sunset point before 6 pm, watch the stunning sunset & be back at the starting point before 7 pm.

2. Which desert camp to choose with desert safari package?

At Sam sand dunes, there are more than 50 desert camp sites and more than half of them close every year & same number of camps open every year. So as per us, choose a desert camp which us operating for more than 4-5 years like Rajputana Desert Camp, Dangri Desert Safari Camp etc.

3. Which months are best for Jaisalmer desert safari tour?

The best months to plan Jaisalmer desert safari or plan a tour to Jaisalmer is from October to March, as in summer temperature is quite high. Plus on all festive dates like 15 August, Diwali, Christmas & new year dates, rated in Jaisalmer goes quite high.