Desert tourism is on its peak as thousands and thousands of domestic tourists are spending their weekends in Jaisalmer & Pushkar. So this increasing numbers of travelers gave us an idea to explain that what is desert tourism and why you should go for Jaisalmer desert Safari.

Top 3 things to do in a desert safari

A. Camp out near Sam Sun Dunes

Many daredevils are rejecting the luxury option of staying in desert camps and are camping out in pin drop silence if the Thar Desert. Here travelers book small groups of 4-5 locals with the same number of camels, tents and dry food. They travel 40-50 Kms away from Jaisalmer and reach the area of Sam Sun Dunes.

Than locals set up the camps and they all enjoy a local folk dance program and prepare some local food which is really tasty. While such trips are becoming popular but they aren’t advisable for families.

B. Stay in a luxury desert camp

The second best way to enjoy Jaisalmer desert safari is to book a desert camp for a night and enjoy 2 hours of desert sightseeing at the Sam Sun dunes. In such trips one can reach dunes via car (preferable SUV) in an hour or 2 and enjoy musical & dance program at the desert camp (evening), have dinner and go to sleep in a luxurious camp.

C. Desert Sports

Pushkar Camel Fair is the favourite destination for Camel Race in India but Jaisalmer is now becoming a hot destination for desert sports. Many local camps are arranging events like camel race and soccer matches which are simply amazing. It’s something guests never expect and it just takes their breath away. But do make sure to confirm such event before making any reservation.

So just visit Jaisalmer. Enjoy the city sightseeing and then go for a Jaisalmer Desert Safari.